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The vision of ADUST is multi-faceted and multifarious. ADUST looks beyond stereotypical periphery. It seeks to keep pace with the fleeting time and technological advancement. Creation of new jobs and invention of new methods of learning are its principal dream. It strives to impart future-proof education to its pupils. ADUST believes that without sound knowledge in any discipline, all-out progress will not be achievable.

It wishes to employ its total means and energy to root out the curse of unemployment and prevent social regression. ADUST visualizes attaining of social and economic emancipation, removing gender disparity and producing befitting employments for its students. ADUST dreams of better and sustainable future for the whole nation.


ADUST was established in 2004 with the sole aim of spreading and disseminating higher education in Bangladesh. To achieve this end, ADUST aspires to be one of the top-ranking universities amongst other higher educational institutions .It has been equipped with modern educational gadgets to facilitate imparting of education to the learners. A galaxy of qualified teachers embellish each and every department of ADUST. It is Committed to spread marketable education on commerce. Science and Arts disciplines. The Salient missions of ADUST’s are:-

  • To spread quality education
  • To be one of the Top-notch University in the Country.
  • To impart money-worth and value added knowledge to the Students.
  • To generate demand for ADUST degree holders in the Competitive Job Markets.
  • New invention through research works.

Brief History

Atish Dipankar University of Science and Technology, a private university in Bangladesh, is a project of Atish Dipankar Foundation (ADF) established by a group of philanthropists, industrialists, bureaucrats and academics under the leadership of Late Prof. Dr. Iajuddin Ahmed. The Government of the People’s Repulic of Bangladesh approved the establishment of Atish Dipankar Biggayan O Projukti Bishawbiddalay in 2004 under Private University Act (PUA) 1992.

The vision of the University is to turn it into a University of all classes of students irrespective of class, caste and creed and to be recognized as a center of excellence in higher education of South Asia. The ultimate objective is to attract brilliant, poor and deserving students, scholars and researchers and scientists from home and abroad, particularly from those in the South Asia region. The mission of the University is to produce highly skilled manpower, visionary leaders and enlightened citizens. The said mission is expected to achieve by imparting quality high education and training and by conducting useful research so that individuals can achieve their intellectual, social and personal potentials.

The University is run by a number of statutory Boards and Committees as required under the provisions of the Private Universities Act 1992. At the apex is the Board of Trustee (BOT) of ADF which provides policy guidelines and approves the university budget. The BOT is headed by the Chairman elected by its members. Professor Dr. Anwara Begum is the current Chairman of the BOT. Professor Dr. Anwara Begum was also the first Chairman of the Board of Trustees & Founder Vice Chancellor of Atish Dipankar University of Science and Technology. The management runs the administration of the University within the policy guidelines provided by BOT which provides the overall policy guidelines of the University.

The university follows North American system of education regarding semesters, credit hours, letter grades and examination policy et., Its curricula when first introduced were reviewed by relevant departments of University of Illinois, Urbana- Champaign and University of California at Berkeley, USA and duly approved by the UGC. The academic programs are continually updated and adapted to meet the local needs.

The University is accredited by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and its curricula and programs have been approved by the Bangladesh University Grants Commission. The Honorable President of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is the Chancellor of the University. The Vice-Chancellor, The Pro-Vice Chancellor and The Treasurer are the appointees of the President of country in his capacity as the Chancellor of the Universities.

The university has its own Campus at Uttara, Sector # 15, Khantek, Uttara, Dhaka-1230. Alongside the City Campus of the University is located at House # 83, Road # 04, Block-B, Banani, Dhaka-1213.

The Vice Chancellor, as the Chief Executive and academic officer, runs the university with the help of the following statutory bodies; Syndicate, Academic Council, Finance Committee, Curriculum Committee, Planning and Development Committee, Dean’s Committee, Faculty Selection Committee, Degree Review Committee, Library Committee, Disciplinary Committee and Faculty Search Committee. All statutory bodies operate under the provision of the statutes prepared within the framework of PUA 1992. The Registrar maintains the university records including admissions and examination results, and keeps liaison with the Ministry of Education, University Grants Commission (UGC) and other relevant authorities.


Atish Dipankar Srijnan, the great ancient Bengali Buddhist scholar was born at Vikrampur, Bangladesh and dedicated his life for the purpose of spreading education, serving humanity and preaching social reforms back in the 10th century A.D. In pursuit of knowledge he traveled as far as China and Tibet and became a legendary figure for his spiritual attainment and devotion to the teachings of Gautama, the founder of Buddhism. A writer of more than one hundred books on Buddhism and other branches of knowledge, Atish Dipankar has been regarded as one of the worthy sons of Bangladesh. He was the Acharya (Chancellor) of Bhagalpur and Somapura Viharas (universities).

To honor this great scholar Atish Dipankar University of Science & Technology is established by the Atish Dipankar Foundation with the initiative of a group of philanthropists, industrialists and academics. ADUST aims at turning itself into a Centre of Excellence by imparting high quality education following international standard of teaching and research.


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Plot# 209, Sector# 15, khantek
Uttara, Dhaka-1230

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