B.Sc. in Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering

B.Sc. in ETE for Diploma Holder Students

Department of EEE is offering acclaimed higher educational platform for all of its students, by offering Bachelor of Science in  Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering (B.Sc. in ETE), a 4-years undergraduate program for Diploma Holder Student, promoting excellence and passion in engineering education through its immensely large number of graduates and enrolled students.

For the Diploma Holder Students, 141 credits are needed to accomplish the B.Sc. in ETE  program at this department

To face the challenge of the twenty-first century, the University promises to give its utmost effort. It is committed to continue and improve upon the sincere service, innovative ideas and determined effort to produce quality Electronic and Telecommunication Engineers whose scholarly achievements and strong leadership will make it an institution the nation can be proud of.

Course Curriculum