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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE)

Welcome to the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE), one of the largest academic departments of Atish Dipankar University of Science and Technology (ADUST).

Since the beginning of its journey in 2009, the Department of EEE in ADUST has been an exciting platform for students to embark on a variety of learning tracks, each with a global perspective as well in addition to its regular academic activities. The curriculum of all its programs intend to equip students with knowledge which not only deepens their understanding of fundamental science and its application in various engineering fields of Power, Electronics, Communication and Computing Architecture, but also ensure to help them to become skilled for designing engineering solutions, both locally and internationally.


B.Sc. in EEE (Regular)

B.Sc. in ETE (Regular)

B.Sc. in EEE (Diploma Holder)

B.Sc. in ETE (Diploma Holder)

If you’re an educational professional who are looking to progress into Science and Engineering, or an educational planning or development role, this is the best degree for you.

 The unique feature of all the offered programs of the Department of EEE is to produce Engineers of 21st century as the leaders of Engineering and Technology fields who are ready to contribute in development and enhancement of national and international socio-economic situation by addressing the challenges of 4th Industrial Revolution, commonly termed as Industry 4.0. The Department of EEE has strong alumni who are serving the nation as well as putting a rightful impact in the global arena. Graduates of this department have been successful in their individual career path in industry and in academia. With a group of highly capable faculty members and researchers, the Department of EEE offers its undergraduate programs with the following vision and mission –

Vision –
Like any other developing country, Bangladesh needs a lot of work to be done in the sectors of Power generation and management, Telecommunication and Electronics. Many government and non-government development projects have been implemented since the independence of the country. For the last 35 years, these projects have involved and are still involving a huge number of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. Still a lot of development work has to be accomplished to develop and make contemporary changes in the applications of new technological advancements in the years to come. Along with the development of each sector, constant maintenance of the systems at a standard level is also a big task. These development and maintenance activities are impossible to undertake without the direct involvement of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. Thus, there is a very good opportunity for the engineers, especially in Bangladesh, to participate in these projects and hence building prospective careers.

The Programs offered by the Department of EEE are designed to produce skilled graduates in the relevant fields of engineering to satisfy the growing demands of Electrical and Electronic Engineers as well as Electronic and Telecommunication Engineers at home and abroad. Its mission is to provide the students with opportunities to gather broad knowledge of electronics, electrical, telecommunication engineering and information technology by tailoring the programs in accordance with concurrent global progress and development of related engineering and technology fields to address the students’ individual and collective needs.


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Mr. Md. Masud Rana
Faculty of Engineering & Technology


THU – TUE 8:30A.M. – 6:30P.M.

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Message of the Advisor
Message of the Coordinator

 Welcome to the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) of Atish Dipankar University of Science and Technology (ADUST). It is my pleasure to serve as the Advisor with a team of academic and supporting staffs. Department of EEE is one of the major departments of ADUST under Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) and currently offers – Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (B.Sc. in EEE) and Bachelor of Science in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering (B.Sc. in ETE) programs with variants of regular programs offered for students admitting with H.S.C. educational background and evening programs specially offered for diploma engineering degree holders of similar engineering fields. 

The department offers these engineering programs with applied orientation and is committed in education to nurture a new generation of professionals. The department produces a good number of graduates, who are working in reputed companies and organizations and contributing to the economic growth and prosperity of Bangladesh. Some of the graduates pursue their higher studies at local and overseas universities. Our graduates receive a wide variety of opportunities to explore themselves in the different fields of Engineering.

The Department of EEE is enriched with knowledgeable and experienced faculty members, who earned their higher degrees from home and abroad for maintaining the good quality of education and research. It also has well-equipped laboratories for the students to demonstrate their theoretical knowledge. Our Students are supervised to conduct their research works in the laboratories under the proper guidance of faculty members. In addition to equip our students with professional and practical knowledge, we grow up students through the educational training with strong communication skills, problem-solving skills and teamwork skills. The Department of EEE also provides the opportunity that students can engage themselves at various co-curricular activities through many student clubs formed by the faculty members.

It is my pleasure to announce that the Department of EEE would offer the students a comfortable and friendly environment to acquire engineering knowledge for enhancement of bright future through its various degree programs. I would like to invite you for choosing your engineering programs from our department. I believe, together, we can contribute to the advancement of science and technology for the
society and the Nation.

Dr. Md. Abdullah Al Mamun
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE)

Sincere Greetings and a warm welcome for visiting the web page of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) of Atish Dipankar University of Science & Technology  ADUST).

Currently the largest department of ADUST, Department of EEE is offering acclaimed higher educational platform for all of its students, by offering Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (B.Sc. in EEE) and Bachelor of Science in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering (B.Sc. in ETE), 4 year undergraduate programs, promoting excellence and passion in engineering education through its immensely large number of graduates and enrolled students. The department is in function under the Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) of ADUST and is continuously thriving to impart engineering education by upholding the motto of Center of Excellence, observed by the university.

By browsing around the multiple information sections in this department’s webpage, you can learn that the programs offered by us, are internationally recognized. The programs are accredited by the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh and approved by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. You will be able to learn further about the talented and dynamic faculties who are the true backbone of its academic excellence and our associated staffs. Such details are provided with profiles of faculty members which enlist the vast range of research works being carried out by the department. Full-fledged laboratory facilities are providing the practical learning credentials for the students. In conjunction with the iLAB initiative of A2i, an internationally acclaimed project of Bangladesh Government, the Department of EEE has stepped forward to establish the Innovation Lab of ADUST which encourages young researchers of this department to devise their enlightened scientific mind, being a student. Prototypes emerging from the Department of EEE have always received major distinctions and awards in national and international level competitions as well which can also be found in the associated webpages. List of affiliated publications from the faculty members, including the students are also provided in the publication section.

The department is constantly upgrading its academics to associate its branches of earning knowledge by reviewing the curriculum of all its programs and encouraging innovation through research in multiple fields of interest and disciplines under the scope of electrical and electronic engineering as well as electronic and telecommunication engineering which you will learn in details by visiting the pages of academics including the details of admission requirements, credit hours, syllabus and courses.

ADUST is well known, not just for its excellence in academia and innovation through research but also for its many success in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. A good number of clubs, moderated by the faculty members and lead by the students are stances of skill development platforms for future challenges. Academic clubs are also operating to benefit the knowledge sharing among students and enabling them more with soft skills as well which are also given in the associated webpage sections.

ADUST is located at the center of the city of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Uttara, the area where the university is situated is a part of the most developed and beautiful Dhaka North City Corporation with ease of access to all necessary amenities for the city dwellers. One of the biggest stations of the upcoming Dhaka MRT is in walking distance from the university while other forms of public transportation connecting the important residential and commercial hubs, are also very closely located. The university has shuttle transportation facilities for all of its students as well.

As one of the oldest private university of the country, we are continuing with innovation and excellence in teaching techniques, researches and amenities to the community and to the nation. Graduates of this department are working and holding key positions of well recognized and renown companies in public and private sectors at home and at abroad. In addition, our researcher’s works have acquired great success in national, international journals and conferences and a good number of alumnus of Department of EEE are continuing their higher education in decorated international Masters and Ph.D. degree programs with scholarly achievements.

ADUST is promoting higher education for all aspiring individuals regardless of respective financial stature in the society. In order to bolster its motto of inclusion, merit and need based scholarships and financial supports with necessary tuition fee waivers are disbursed among all current and prospective students. A Green campus that not only takes care about the educational progress and excellence but also regards the growth of ethical understanding for a better future for the nation and the globe, I, as the coordinator of this department, extend my gratitude and thanks for taking your time to explore about us as a whole and look forward to associate myself as well as the bright minds of the Department of EEE, to enhance your abilities and help you to shape your future.

Look around and find out even further details about us.

Ariful Islam
Assistant Professor and Coordinator
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE)

Achievements of the Department of EEE

There are a lot of success stories brought to light by the meritorious students of the department of EEE under the immense guidance of a team of talented and dedicated faculty members. Of which, the key points are expressed as –

More than 2000 graduates
University Gold Medal Award for Ms. Alea Afrin, Alumni and Current Faculty Member of Department of EEE
Manoj Kumar Halder, Former Faculty Member of Department of EEE, is an Alumni of this department as well, is now an entrepreneur as the Managing Director of Electrical Design Lab
Shafayet Hossain, Lecturer in the department of EEE, is an Alumni of this department too.
In every year, remarkable students of the department of EEE gain the Vice Chancellor Award and Dean’s Awards.
Success in participation in National ICT Expo at BICC, 2017 with projects.
Success in participation in Digital Bangladesh, 2017
2nd Runners’ Up in Robo Carnival, BUET, 2017
Connected and Active participation in activities of Access 2 Information (A2i) initiative from Office of the Honorable Prime Minister, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.
Innovative works going on under Faculty Research Group and programs of Innovation HUB (iLAB), a nation wide connected program under A2i.

Laboratory Facilities

 The Department of EEE has designed its engineering degree programs with the vision of enriching the practical knowledge of graduates to enable them to be highly capable in hands on engineering expertise. In order to ensure that, the Department of EEE has the following, well established laboratory facilities which along with curriculum based studies also offers excellent prospect of research works –

Physics and Electrical Circuits Laboratory (PECL)
Analog and Digital Electronics Laboratory (ADEL)
Communications and Optical Fiber Laboratory (COFL)
Electrical Machines Laboratory (EML)
Simulation and Computation Laboratory (SCL)
Processing and Integration Laboratory (PCL)
Energy Systems and Switchgear Laboratory (ESSL)

Extra-Curricular Activities

Debate Club:
The purpose of Debate Club is to make a better debate team; which can increase the pride of our university. This club also give a chance to those students to show their talent who are good at debating.

Cultural Club:

The purpose of Cultural Club is organizing events that involve both traditional and non-traditional cultural activities. To promote cultural awareness by improving social relations. Culture Club likes to bring together the diverse Cultural functions at Atish Dipankar University of Science & Technology by Co-Sponsoring various activities.

Sports Club:

The purpose of Sports Club is to promote health, physical wellbeing and the acquisition of physical skill development. Sport Clubs designed to serve individual interests in different competitive sports and recreational activities. These interests can be competitive, recreational or instructional in nature. Club may represent the university in inter university competition.

Science Club:

The purpose of Science Club is to promote interest, understanding, and knowledge of the scientific world throughout the students of our university. The purpose of this science club is also to introduce the members to a variety of scientific disciplines and to develop skills in fieldwork, research and project presentation. 

Different Clubs of Department of EEE

Electrical & Electronics Club:

Electrical and Electronics Club (EEC) is established with the motto “Excellence through Innovation”. This club will be the unique platform for students of EEE, ADUST to nourish their talents in the space of engineering to activate their inner innovators. The club will be the guide, host and initiator of various events as seminars, workshops, study-tours, competitions, exhibitions etc.

Objective of EEC:

The EEC is a non-profit, students’ oriented organization of which the primary objective is to introduce the students with seamless understanding of electrical and electronics education among and prove them as a strong competitor in the field of electrical and electronics engineering sector around the world. To reach the primary goal, the club wishes to walk through the following steps –

Enhancement of basic knowledge of electrical and electronic engineering fields for all the students of EEE, ADUST.
Specialized parallel course program to master practical works to raise interest and depth of knowledge for the students.
To elevate the connection with other universities in participating and hosting different competitive and knowledge sharing sessions.
Amplifying the ethical grounds for the students to take part with dedication in serving the society and the nation.

Mission of EEC:

Practical training for betterment of student’s practical experience and practical knowledge.
Community building among students to share ideas, knowledge, interests and experience.
Developing a focus of awareness on the electrical and electronics field.
Developing and prototyping different projects of basic and advanced levels to help students to be at utmost shape of confidence to innovate.
Sessions on different topics like embedded system, PCB design, programming etc. by involving experts of national and international level.

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