Message from the Honourable Chairman

Atish Dipankar University of Science & Technology (ADUST), a centre of excellence, is stepping into the sixteen successive years with renewed pledge and enthusiasm in order to impart high quality education to its students and professionals. On this happy occasion of the glaring journey of ADUST. I would like to extend my sincere felicitations to its students, guardians, faculties, management and ADUST family as a whole. ADUST, a project of Atish Dipankar Foundation (ADF), has come into existence with the pioneering spirit of the great scholar Atish Dipankar Srijnan, an ancient Buddhist scholar, preacher and a prolific writer, who dedicated himself for the well-being of the mankind during tenth century. ADUST, thus, is committed to ensure a congenial atmosphere of free thinking and a centre of excellence, and extend all support to the students in order to make themselves worthy citizens of the nation. We are committed to offer effective and tailored classes, with utmost care and attention, to the students in the process of teaching, learning and innovation. I firmly believe that our promising, qualified, experienced and dedicated faculties are fully committed to impart quality education which is based on state-of-the-art curricula. I welcome our young and promising fellows and the guardians to visit and join the ADUST team and feel the difference. It needs collective endeavors from all the comers including students, guardians, faculty, regulating authority as well as the erudite section of the society to materialize the vision of ADUST. I am sure all concerned would extend their full cooperation in this regard. With these, I congratulate once again the students of ADUST and wish them a bright career and prosperous journey.

May Allah bless us all.


Mr. Md. Liakat Ali Sikdar

Chairman, Board of Trustees