Message from the Honourable Vice-Chancellor

Warm welcome to Atish Dipankar University of Science & Technology (ADUST) website. Atish Dipankar University of Science & Technology (ADUST) is well known for catering to their educational requirements in a big way. It is the university which is established with the vision to extend quality education to the students at a minimum affordable cost. Nothing is more valuable in this world than knowledge and wisdom. The university is a repository of knowledge and wisdom. Now is the time when development of a society and a country is a function of education and knowledge, science and Technology and the digital revolution. Our students are the leaders of development of tomorrow. Our teachers will groom them and provide them the strength and wings to fly and the university will equip them with necessary abilities and skills.

Our university stands for humanism, for tolerance and for adventure of ideas. Quality of the university depends on its teachers. They must plan their lectures. Teachers must be punctual and love their students. Distancing with students makes the instruction ineffective. With these objectives in view the mission of the university is to produce highly skilled manpower, visionary leaders and enlightened citizens. The University has been set up in 2004, after getting approval from the University Grants Commission, Bangladesh. ADUST provides education in the areas of arts, business, science, engineering and health sciences. Besides the academic activities various other kinds of extra-curriculum attainment have brought this university to a center of attention of stakeholders both nationally and internationally. Both teachers and students impulsively participate in different programs to make the university a centre of excellence. We are contented and committed to lead the university forward with the help of the teachers, students, officers and employees having close and constant guidance of the BOT, Syndicate and Academic council members, who have been toiling hard to retain peace and order in the campus. We strongly adhere to all forms of progressive ideas as we bear the spirit of freedom, conscience and liberal thought. ADUST believes that all-out progress will not be achievable without sound knowledge and in-depth understanding in any discipline. It wishes to utilize its total means and energy to root out the curse of unemployment and prevent social regression. ADUST visualizes attaining of social and economic emancipation, removing gender disparity and producing befitting employments for its students. ADUST dreams of a better and sustainable future for the whole nation. This website of ADUST aims at providing the user with the latest information related to what we stand for, what we offer and how we operate our academic and research arena. We believe that all concerned and associates of ADUST will enjoy browsing through this website and use this information available on it in productive manner as per individual/user requirement and expectation..

Professor Dr. Md. Sekul Islam